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About us

Founded in 2006 in Vienna, SELECTAS operates internationally in the field of Executive Search, Recruitment and as a Consulting firm in labor law. SELECTAS® is a registered trademark. The company name "SELECTAS" comes from a Latin word "selectio" which means selection. Our clients have the choice to make their decisions between three and five top candidates. Our growth and steadiness is based on our clients' trust in our 100% placement ratio in successfull and longterm personnel placements. In 2022 it becomes part of the LATEO Consulting Group.

The company's mission is to supporting our clients' goals with leadership quality into their keyfunctions. So SELECTAS empowers companies to achieve their goals with right people in key functions.


Walter Brunnader

Walter is head of executive board of SELECTAS© Personnel Management. He attended the Junior High School of the famous Vienna Boys' Choir and has studied International Business Administration. Walter is consultant and interim manager for finance, tax, risk management and legal matters. He goes for challenges and has an international group experience. Walter is proud father of two children and he supports the family owned organic grocery and a traditional Viennese coffeeshop. In his spare time Walter loves all about classical music, travelling and doing sports.

His mission: It's the result that counts.

Jakob Dalik

Jakob is member of the executive board of SELECTAS© Personnel Management. He studied International Business Administration and additional Law Sciences.
Jakob is a rational optimist, has been an entrepreneur since his High School times, is proud father of two children and a passionate biker, goes skiing very often, is coffee enthusiastic and knows all about coffee.

His mission: The bigger the challenge and the more complex the actual situation, the more I go for an optimum of client's result.

Dr. Susanne Edlinger

Susanne is founder of SELECTAS© Personnel Management and works as an executive coach. She has a doctorate in Business Administration and Economics and is an expert in labor law.
Customer orientation is not an overused catchphrase, it is our credo. When we work according to fullfilling the requirements of our clients, a placement ratio of 100% percent is the result. By signing the contract we fix the date of candidates' hearing and we always meet deadlines with suitable candidates. Susanne loves to travel and spend some money on good wines because out of interest she studied Viticulture and Oenology in her spare time.

Her mission: Right employees in keyfunctions.

Phone: +43 1 236 16 00
E-Mail: office (at) selectas.at
Skype: selectas_personal