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Every client's assignment is analyzed thoroughly by our management team before deciding which search method properly meets our clients' expectations and quickly achieves best aim.
We don't make promises we deliver results.


Search methods: Job postings online
Selection: Face-to-Face Job interviews

Search methods vary from country to country and from position to position. In many cases a well conceptualized and executed job postings, which will strategically placed online is the most effective way to quickly attract candidates. Advertised search is typically used where the published job ad could reach suitable candidates.

After pre-selection we interview all applicants, obtain results and present three up to five suitable candidates to our client.


Search method: Classical "headhunting"
Selection: Face-to-face Job interviews

To ensure our client to getting the most suitable candidates to implement leadership quality in the company. We go unconventional ways and offer affordable direct search for our clients, which possesses candidates with exeptional skills, credentials or knowledge and contacts to specific industries.

Our headhunting team which is well trained and educated in this field of recruitment, work with the highest ethics and confidentiality to present only the most suitable candidates to our clients. According to assignment brief we make the target list and research for completing name gathering. Then we play our strength to attracting suitable candidates for our client's opening job role.

One milestone is the presentation of a strong shortlist of up to five candidates. Psychometric testing and organization of a case study final interview has lead us to closing every recruitment assignment with maintaining leadership quality of candidates and quick turn around times at the same time. We are proud of our one hundert percent placement quote.

Search method: Headhunting, job posting online
Selection: Face-to-face Job interviews

Some of the major differences between domestic and international recruitment assignments are first that our clients have strict requirements to candidates qualifications and have to have specific knowledge of local markets and second that candidates do meet corporate culture and understand companies' values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and also corporate language.

To ensure that the position holder in future does meet all these expecations we carry out recruitment procedure only with own recruitment consultants, which are native speakers of the corresponding country. We do not deal or forward to local recruitment agencies. Therefore we know how to attract suitable candidates to our client's opening which have appropriate behavioural strengths and qualifications and to meet deadlines. But the best candidate is not always the right candidate. And so our recruitment consultants consider the key issue: the right candidate assimilates and acts according to client's corporate culture.

The purpose of case study final interviews is to objectify the management decision as much as possible. Before the final job interview session all candidates have to prepare a case study, to present it during the interview and to discuss specific instances. It is the best approach to draw a comparison among all candidates from the shortlist. Case study interviews give a good opportunity to evaluate the ability to prepare decisions, to structure thinking, respond and explain complex contents and to offer solutions in a short time.

Testing method: MDI© Insights

It is the ultimative testing for personality skills and a unique personality benchmark tool. Only the right people in the right job act successfully. Job roles are vary and every role has it's own behavioural profiling.

Our offered psychometric testing method is MDI© Insights which is a further development of DISC Model based on Jungian archetypes and impacts of W. Marston who was the founder of the lie detector.
DISC (Dominance-Influence-Steadiness-Compliance) model is used by over 50,000 companies and organizations around the word to gain a result of how an individual is likely to perform at work.

Psychometric tests are widely used for:

• hiring decisions
• teambuilding and teambinding decisions
• additional benchmark in assessment centers
• analyzing internal and external communications
• setting up job role behavioural profiling
• specifying education and training needs
• starting basis of individual coaching

To evaluate behavioural skills between pre-selected candidates an assessment center (short: AC) could be a good selection tool. The length of an AC will vary from half-a-day to two full days meeting. The goal is to find out how candidates perform in various situations.

Role playing is main part of assessment center. The exercises are thoroughly selected in accordance to evaluate personality skills. Assessors observe and record the performance of the candidates. In addition with psychometric testing and interviews the result will be a reliable ranking among all candidates.

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